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Sessions 2009

Come and check out some of the speaking sessions in 2009 on accessible Flash, and workshops!

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CalWAC 4 Lectures and Workshops
January 12-13
Long Beach, California


Logo Resfresh Houston

January Refresh Houston
January 28, 6:30 - 9:30PM
Houston, Texas

Accessible Flash Action Games!
Research in accessible Flash has come a long way. Interactions that used to be hard to make accessible, such as Drag and Drop, an activity that depends on the use of a mouse, can now be programmed to be accessible to mobility impaired users who only use the Tab and Enter key on the keyboard.

This session will discuss different options to make Flash 508 accessible, and show some of Doodledoo's accessible Flash action games, and the research and creative programming that made them possible.

Logo SXSW 2009

SXSW 2009 Panel
March 13-17
Austin, Texas

Accessible Flash and Flex Applications
Developers are increasingly interested in delivering accessible applications that use Flash-based technologies but are uncertain as to what is possible and how to develop and test their applications. This panel will look at best practices and examples, and share information on what's new in Flash accessibility.

Panel members:
Andrew Kirkpatrick (Adobe)
Niqui Merrit
Alaric Cole (Yahoo!)
Thea Eaton

See all panels here:


Flash on the Beach Speaker 2009

Flash on the Beach 2009 Session
April 6-7-8
Miami, South Beach Florida

Accessible Action Games!
Who says Flash cannot be interactive, fun and accessible at the same time?

At DoodleDoo we make educational Flash games 508 accessible to children with a disability. We come up with creative solutions for Flash games that generally people think can't be made accessible, such as jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages and adventure games for visually impaired users, and whack-a-mole and other mouse-dependant games for mobility impaired users.

This session will show some of our accessible Flash games, and the research and creative programming that made them possible.

Session link here.


John Slatin Access-U

Knowbility's John Slatin Access-U
Austin, Texas

We will be teaching accessible Flash workshops at the Access-U conference. Stay tuned for more information!